By Michael Battista/@MichaelB_96

The final month of the fall semester was heavy in conference games for the Colonial States College Hockey Conference. Ten games over three weekends finalized the standings in both conferences until games resume in mid-January. Bryn Athyn was perfect in Colonial competition, going 3-0 including two wins over Rutgers. The first year Colonial team currently sits in third place in the Liberty Division. Meanwhile in the Independence Division, two wins by NJIT pushed back and celebration Seton Hall University may have had for clinching a playoff berth.

In ranking news, the fifth and final rankings of the fall was greatly impacted by team’s being labeled ineligible. TCNJ jumped up to #11 in the Southeast Region with Bryn Athyn placing just behind them at #12. The University of Scranton rounded out the Top 20 ranked at #16. In the previous ranking, Millersville and UPenn were #17 and #16, respectively.

Additionally, four conference games were postponed to later dates. The contests on December 3rd between Rutgers & UPenn and December 4th between Monmouth & Princeton will both be played in 2022. Additionally, Princeton’s road game against NJIT on December 5th was also postponed. However, the Highlanders were able to work with Monmouth to schedule and play their conference game that was originally postponed from November 7th. Finally, the last game of the season between Bryn Athyn and UPenn, scheduled for December 17th, will also be played next year.

Stockton Complete Success SECHL Road Trip

Stockton University closed out the fall semester last weekend, traveling north and playing three games in consecutive days. The Ospreys came home undefeated in all three contests against members of the Super East Collegiate Hockey League (SECHL). The team won against Siena College and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute before finishing with an overtime tie against Westfield State University.

“Overall, a great way to end the semester. We still don’t seem to have much puck luck in OT, but those are the bounces sometimes. Proud of our guys and program,” Stockton head coach Bob Gialanella said of his group. “First year in D2 and creating a name for ourselves with signature wins and close games despite challenges with injuries and COVID issues at the beginning of the year.”

Friday’s 4-2 win against Siena came after the Saints took a 2-0 lead after the first period. Four goals in the remaining periods, with Mickenzie Restle and Darren Wan scoring two each, secured the comeback and set the tone for the weekend. The next night against RPI, the program had the chance to play at the Engineers’ NCAA D1 arena, Houston Field House, which was a huge honor according to Gialanella. The back and forth game against the #5 ranked ACHA Northeast Regional team saw Stockton pull away late in the third period and win 5-3.

The final game on Sunday against #16 ranked (Northeast) Westfield State turned into a statement game for the program. Taking a 2-1 lead into the third period, the Owls fought back and made it 3-2 with ten minutes to play. The Ospreys defense had held the team’s top goalscorers back the entire night and held strong to keep it a one score game looking for the equalizer. With two minutes to play, Wan and Restle found Zach Harmel who scored to tie it back up. With overtime not producing a winner, Westfield elected to end the game as a tie.

Entering the break, Stockton sits in fifth place in the Colonial’s Liberty Division (12 pts). Coach Gialanella hopes his guys can take this momentum into January and beyond.

“Excited for our second half, a playoff push, and a special outdoor game versus Army on January 29. But for now, an opportunity to regroup and recharge for a few weeks.”

That game against the United States Military Academy (Army), the ‘Salute to Service’ Winter Classic, will be played at Navesink Country Club in Red Bank, New Jersey.

Team Scores

Friday, Dec. 3

Bryn Athyn College (4) vs The College of New Jersey (3) (CSCHC Game)

Bryn Athyn Goals:

1) Zachary Pamaylaon (Eric Higgins)

2) Michael Perkett (James Cole, David-John “DJ” May)

3) Anthony Basile (Alex Garcia)

4) Zachary Pamaylaon (SH)

TCNJ Goals:

1) Sean Leonard (Justin Cooper, Ryan Lagriola)

2) Will Herrington (Travis Beni) (PP)

3) Jameson Dugan (Andrew Summa)


Stockton University (6) vs Millersville University (3) (CSCHC Game)

Stockton Goals:

1) Brett Machin (Matt Flynn, Tyler Sevean)

2) Mickenzie Restle (Darren Wan)

3) Brett Machin (Matt Flynn)

4) Darren Wan (Travis Tuthill, Will Distefano)

5) Mickenzie Restle (Zach Harmel, Tyler Sevean)

6) Mickenzie Restle (Travis Tuthill, Jake Simone) (PP)

Millersville Goals:

1) Jacob Burke (PP)

2) Alan Reider (Brandon Kays, Justin Carrelli)

3) Jacob Burke (Alex Edelberg, Joseph Pedicone)


New Jersey Institute of Technology (7) vs Monmouth University (1) (CSCHC Game)

NJIT Goals:

1) Matthew Torre (Brendan Smith)

2) Sal Micciche (Rohan Ganta, Ted Lee)

3) Sal Micciche (Rohan Ganta)

4) Brendan Smith (Sal Micciche)

5) Ted Lee (Dalton Smith, Sal Micciche) (SH)

6) John Jannone (Sal Micciche)

7) Matthew Francescutto (Sal Micciche)

Monmouth Goals:

1) Aidan Kroncke (Richard Sabbagh)


West Chester University (2) vs University of Scranton (7) (CSCHC Game)

West Chester Goals:

1) Franklin Black (Grey Rumain) (PP)

2) Grey Rumain (Gabe Darragh, Hunter Neiss) (PP)

Scranton Goals:

1) Liam Feely (Michael Castellino)

2) Kieran Regen (Ryan Fitzmaurice, Liam Feely) (PP)

3) Peter Cassidy (Kieran Gruby)

4) Anthony Mazzerina (Andrew Spina)

5) Peter Cassidy (Brandon Bailey) (PP)

6) Peter Cassidy (PP)

7) John Forlenza II (Kieran Regen) (PP)


Saturday, Dec. 4

Millersville University (4) vs Stockton University (2) (CSCHC Game)

Millersville Goals:

1) Adam Hennessey (Cole McCulley)

2) Adam Hennessey (Elias Lountzis, Evan Yori)

3) Elias Lountzis (Pat McDevitt, Cole McCulley)

4) Chris Henn assisted (Adam Hennessey, Evan Yori) (PP)

Stockton Goals:

1) Tyler Sevean (Will Distefano) (PP)

2) Mickenzie Restle (Zach Harmel, Travis Tuthill) (PP)


Rutgers University (3) vs Bryn Athyn College (6) (CSCHC Game)

Rutgers Goals:

1) Timothy Anzano (Johnny Hoppeler, Anthony Poppalardo)

2) Harrison Rauh (Anthony Poppalardo)

3) Doug Fischer

Bryn Athyn Goals:

1) Eric Higgins (Zachary Pamaylaon, James Cole)

2) Michael Perkett (Zachary Pamaylaon, Alex Garcia)

3) Michael Perkett (Zachary Pamaylaon)

4) Michael Perkett

5) Eric Higgins (Zachary Pamaylaon, Alex Garcia)

6) James Cole (Michael Nabozny)


Sunday, Dec. 5

Stevenson University (6) vs Millersville University (5)

Millersville Goals:

1) Jacob Burke (Adam Hennessey, Cole McCulley) (PP)

2) Chris Henn (Evan Yori, Jacob Burke) (PP)

3) Chris Henn (Evan Yori)

4) Chris Henn (Brandon Kays) (PP)

5) Cole McCulley (Adam Hennessey)


University of Scranton (4) vs Rutgers University (3) (OT) (CSCHC Game)

Scranton Goals:

1) Liam Feeley (Joseph Zani, John Forlenza II)

2) Peter Cassidy (Brandon Bailey, Kieran Gruby) (PP)

3) Brandon Bailey (Kieran Gruby)

4) Ryan Fitzmaurice (OT)

Rutgers Goals:

1) Johnny Hoppeler

2) Johnny Hoppeler

3) Timothy Anzano (Gavin Ford)


New Jersey Institute of Technology (6) vs Monmouth University (4) (CSCHC Game)

NJIT Goals:

1) Sal Micciche (Rohan Ganta, Ted Lee) (PP)

2) Rohan Ganta (Sal Micciche)

3) Matthew Torre (Ted Lee) (PP)

4) Matthew Francescutto (Brendan Smith, John Jannone)

5) Sal Micciche (Ted Lee)

6) Sal Micciche (Ted Lee)

Monmouth Goals:

1) Richard Sabbagh (Michael Russ, Todd Zellars) (PP)

2) Greg Wanamaker (Todd Zellars)

3) Thomas Chiappisi (Richard Sabbagh, Tyler Wilson)

4) Aidan Kroncke (Joseph Curcio)


Friday, Dec. 10

Siena College (2) vs Stockton University (4)

Stockton Goals:

1) Mickenzie Restle (Darren Wan, Jake Simone)

2) Darren Wan (Mickenzie Restle, Tyler Sevean)

3) Darren Wan (Travis Tuthill, Mickenzie Restle)

4) Mickenzie Restle (Travis Tuthill)


Saturday, Dec. 11

Bryn Athyn College (1) vs Rowan University D3 (5)

Bryn Athyn Goals:

1) David-John “DJ” May (Eric Higgins)


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (3) vs Stockton University (5)

Stockton Goals:

*Not in order

1) Brett Machin

2) Mickenzie Restle

3) Travis Tuthill

4) Darren Wan

5) Darren Wan

Assists) Travis Tuthill (x2), Mickenzie Restle, Darren Wan, Brandon Baskow, William DiStefano


University of Pennsylvania (6) vs Rutgers University (4) (CSCHC Game)

UPenn Goals:

1) Ethan Cohen (Spencer Tuohy)

2) Patrick Burkinshaw (Tyler Mcgoldrick, Ethan Cohen)

3) Sawyer Moody

4) Spencer Tuohy (Tyler Mcgoldrick, Calvin Aliferov)

5) Calvin Aliferov (Alex Damelio)

6) Sawyer Moody

Rutgers Goals:

1) Anthony Poppalardo

2) Sean Murphy (Christian Hoppeler)

3) Thomas Bruckman (Skyler Budman, Doug Fischer)

4) Christian Hoppeler (Thomas Bruckman)


Sunday, Dec. 12

Westfield State University (3) vs Stockton University (3)

Stockton Goals:

1) Brett Machin (Darren Wan , Zachary Harmel)

2) Mickenzie Restle (Travis Tuthill, Zachary Harmel)

3) Travis Tuthill (Darren Wan, Mickenzie Restle)


Bryn Athyn College (3) vs Rutgers University (2) (CSCHC Game)

Bryn Athyn Goals:

1) Zach Pamaylaon (Aidan Esack, Michael Perkett)

2) Zach Pamaylaon (Gabriel Beres, Michael Perkett)

3) Zach Pamaylaon (Owen Ovecka, Gabriel Beres)

Rutgers Goals:

1) Anthony Poppalardo (Sean Murphy)

2) Douglas Fischer