By Michael Battista/@MichaelB_96

The Colonial States College Hockey Conference welcomed in 2022 with a ton of goals. Only one of the seven games last weekend featuring CSCHC teams was decided by two or less goals, including every in-conference matchup.

The busiest team coming off the break was The College of New Jersey. The Lions played three games in as many days and came away with two wins. The defending Colonial Cup Champions have been on-and-off this season but a three goal slate for senior Logan Viducic (five points total) could be the kickstart needed to finish strong heading into the playoffs.

The other Lions, Bryn Athyn College, also opened the new year in a big way. The squad defeated West Chester University on subsequent days by a total scoreline of 16-4. Zachary Pamaylaon, the Colonial’s leading goalscorer, added four more goals to his tally along with an additional five assists. The wins keep Bryn Athyn in second place in the Liberty Division with 18 points and two games in-hand compared to first place.  

Additionally, Millersville University was scheduled to play a home-and-away series against the University of Delaware’s Division II team last weekend. Friday’s road leg at Fred Rust Arena was canceled the day of, but the Marauder’s home game the next day went ahead. Bryn Athyn’s home game against Millersville’s Division III team on Sunday was also canceled.

The lone conference game not played last weekend was due to weather. Sunday’s contest between the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Scranton was postponed due to the incoming snowstorm. The two schools will now meet at the Class of 1912 Arena this Friday, January 21.

Team Scores

Friday, Jan. 14

University of Pennsylvania (4) vs The College of New Jersey (7) (CSCHC Game)

UPenn Goals:

1) Will Torgerson (Alex Beckert)

2) Spencer Tuohy (Dhruv Raman)

3) Hayden Stephan (Spencer Tuohy) (PP)

4) Spencer Tuohy (Will Torgerson) (PP)

TCNJ Goals:

1) Logan Viducic (Glenn Puzo)

2) Glenn Puzo (Logan Viducic, Patrick Willever)

3) Ryan Lagriola (Salvatore Zotti, Jake Barrera)

4) Elias Sulpizo (Andrew Summa)

5) Logan Viducic (Daniel Dorokhin, Andrew Summa)

6) Will Herrington (Elias Sulpizo)

7) Jake Barrera (Travis Beni)


West Chester University (3) vs Bryn Athyn College (10) (CSCHC Game)

West Chester Goals:

1) Tariq Mapp (Morgan Bensel)

2) Matthew Petusky (Taylan Weiszer, Franklin Black)

3) Levi Jones (Kyle McCormick) (PP)

Bryn Athyn Goals:

1) Eric Higgins

2) Eric Higgins (Zachary Pamaylaon, Landen Sill)

3) Landen Sill (Zachary Pamaylaon)

4) Zachary Pamaylaon (Aidan Esack)

5) Landen Sill (Anthony Basile)

6) Zachary Pamaylaon (Eric Higgins)

7) Zachary Pamaylaon (Landen Sill)

8) Aidan Esack (Anthony Basile)

9) Zachary Pamaylaon (Colin O’Hara, Eric Higgins)

10) Eric Higgins


Saturday, Jan. 15

New Jersey Institute of Technology (3) vs Rowan University D3 (11)

NJIT Goals:

1) Sal Micciche

2) Matthew Francescutto (Sal Micciche, Dennis Sikorjak)

3) Sal Micciche (Rohan Ganta)


Millersville University (5) vs University of Delaware (7)

Millersville Goals:

1) Patrick McDevitt (Jacob Burke, Brenden Ward) (PP)

2) Connor Rysak (Jacob Burke, Justin Carrelli)

3) Cole McCulley (Jacob Burke, Chris Henn) (PP)

4) Chris Henn Chris Henn (Jacob Burke) (PP)

5) Brenden Ward (Brandon Kays, Elias Lountzis)


Bryn Athyn College (6) vs West Chester University (1) (CSCHC Game)

Bryn Athyn Goals:

1) Aidan Esack (Alex Garcia)

2) Eric Higgins (Aidan Esack , David-John “DJ” May)

3) Eric Higgins (Zachary Pamaylaon)

4) James Cole (Alex Garcia, Aidan Esack)

5) Landen Sill (Zachary Pamaylaon)

6) Colin O’Hara (Zachary Pamaylaon)

West Chester Goals:

1) Tariq Mapp


Montclair State University (0) vs The College of New Jersey (3)

TCNJ Goals:

1) Will Herrington (Daniel Dorokhin, Travis Beni) (PP)

2) Daniel Dorokhin (Logan Viducic) (PP)

3) Elias Sulpizo (SH)


Sunday, Jan. 16

The College of New Jersey (2) vs Rowan University (7)

TCNJ Goals:

1) Andrew Summa (Jameson Dugan, Elias Sulpizo)

2) Logan Viducic (Andrew Summa) (PP)