By Michael Battista/@MichaelB_96

Ahead of this week’s recap, the Colonial States College Hockey Conference has confirmed that Rutgers University will not be able to complete its conference schedule. Due to conflicting school protocols, the Scarlet Knights will not be able to play all of it’s remaining games prior to the playoffs. As a result, Rutgers will now become ineligible for the postseason. All games played against Rutgers prior to this announcement have been removed from the team’s conference records. All remaining games between Rutgers and other CSCHC teams will be considered “non-league” and will also not count for conference standings. All conference stats, including goals and assists, will be re-adjusted to exclude games played against Rutgers. 

Both the Liberty and Independence divisions will now play 16-game schedules to close out the season.

With that addressed, one Colonial game from last weekend did not take place. The rescheduled contest between NJIT and Princeton was not played at Prudential Center. Both teams will look to make this game up at a later date. Finally, the postponed game between UPenn and Monmouth on October 9th has been declared a Hawks forfeit. The Quakers earn a win and now sit at 24 pts at the top of the Liberty Division.

In the seventh edition of the rankings (as of January 23rd), three CSCHC teams currently sit in the Southeast’s Top 20. The University of Pennsylvania jumped one spot and leads the pack at #17. Meanwhile Millersville and Bryn Athyn close out the list at #19 and #20, respectively.

Team Scores

Friday, Jan. 21

Bryn Athyn College (4) vs Millersville University (5) (CSCHC Game)

Bryn Athyn Goals:

1) Michael Perkett (Zachary Pamaylaon, David-John “DJ” May) (PP)

2) Landen Sill (Zachary Pamaylaon, Eric Higgins)

3) Zachary Pamaylaon (Eric Higgins, Michael Perkett)

4) Eric Higgins (Zachary Pamaylaon, Anthony Basile) (PP)

Millersville Goals:

1) Elias Lountzis (Cole Mcculley)

2) Jacob Burke (Dennis Kohajda, Chris Henn) (PP)

3) Joseph Pedicone (Jacob Burke, Dennis Kohajda)

4) Cole McCulley (Alan Reider)

5) Elias Lountzis (Jacob Burke)


University of Pennsylvania (7) vs University of Scranton (0) (CSCHC Game)

UPenn Goals:

1) Spencer Tuohy (Ethan Cohen)

2) Patrick Burkinshaw (Alex Beckert)

3) Sawyer Moody (Patrick Burkinshaw)

4) Spencer Tuohy (Ethan Cohen, Dhruv Raman)

5) Matt Houtman (Cole Suplee)

6) Ethan Cohen (Andrew Lane, Matthew Keller)

7) Sawyer Moody (Dhruv Raman)


New Jersey Institute of Technology (3) vs Rutgers University (6) (Non-League)

NJIT Goals:

1) Dalton Smith (Rohan Ganta, Sal Micciche)

2) Sal Micciche (Matthew Torre)

3) Sal Micciche (Joseph Cudia)

Rutgers Goals:

1) Skyler Budman (Sean Murphy)

2) Doug Fischer

3) Cam Egan (Tommy Falletta, Robert Proko)

4) Doug Fischer

5) Anthony Poppalardo (Harrison Rauh)

6) Anthony Poppalardo (Harrison Rauh)


West Chester University (1) vs Stockton University (6) (CSCHC Game)

West Chester Goal:

1) Adam Johnson (Levi Jones) (PP)

Stockton Goals:

1) Zach Harmel (Matt Flynn)

2) Zach Harmel (Travis Tuthill, Darren Wan)

3) Mickenzie Restle (Brandon Baskow) (PP)

4) Jake Simone (Devin Metz)

5) Domenic Cappella (Mickenzie Restle)

6) Travis Tuthill (Will Distefano)


Saturday, Jan. 22

Millersville University (7) vs Bryn Athyn College (6) (CSCHC Game)

Millersville Goals:

1) Alan Reider (Cole Mcculley)

2) Connor Rysak (Brandon Kays, Travis Tuson)

3) Jacob Burke (Joseph Pedicone, Chris Henn)

4) Alan Reider (Adam Hennessey, Cole Mcculley)

5) Jacob Burke (Chris Henn, Dennis Kohajda)

6) Dennis Kohajda (Brandon Kays)

7) Jacob Burke (Dennis Kohajda) (OT)

Bryn Athyn Goals:

1) Aidan Esack (Zachary Pamaylaon)

2) Landen Sill (Eric Higgins)

3) Zachary Pamaylaon (Michael Perkett) (PP)

4) Landen Sill (PP)

5) Eric Higgins (Landen Sill, Zachary Pamaylaon) (PP)

6) Alex Garcia (Aidan Esack)


Rowan University (10) vs Stockton University (6)

Stockton Goals:

1) Matt Flynn (Griffin Dublois)

2) Mickenzie Restle (Travis Tuthill)

3) Brett Machin (Griffin Dublois, Zach Harmel)

4) Will DiStefano (Devin Metz, Brett Machin)

5) Zach Harmel (Will DiStefano, Mickenzie Restle)

6) Brett Machin (Zach Harmel)


University of Scranton (1) vs The College of New Jersey (8) (CSCHC Game)

Scranton Goals:

1) Joseph Zani (John Forlenza II, Dylan Vigna) (PP)

TCNJ Goals:

1) Matt Cislo (Jake Barrera, Will Herrington)

2) Jake Barrera

3) Will Herrington (Andrew Summa, Jameson Dugan) (PP)

4) Elias Sulpizo (Travis Beni, Andrew Summa)

5) Elias Sulpizo

6) Elias Sulpizo (Will Herrington, Andrew Summa)

7) Andrew Summa

8) Daniel Dorokhin


Sunday, Jan. 23

The College of New Jersey (4) vs Seton Hall University (1) (CSCHC Game)

TCNJ Goals:

1) Logan Viducic (Alex Gatsonis)

2) Elias Sulpizo (Will Herrington, Michael Bussanich)

3) Scott Martin (Logan Viducic, Daniel Dorokhin)

4) Andrew Summa (Michael Bussanich)

Seton Hall Goals:

1) Cameron Adamec (Jimmy Griffin, Cameron Toussaint) (PP)